About Amager Orienteering Club (English)

Amager Orienteering Club (AMOK – Amager Orienterings Klub) is situated right in the middle of Copenhagen and we offer training events in the central parts of Copenhagen and on Amager.

A lot of students and foreigners come to Copenhagen for studies and work, and hence we have members from all over Europe. At last count there were active members from Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Italy, France and Belgium – and you’ll find that we often speak a mixture of English and Danish at training events.

Meet us every Tuesday

Most of the year we train on Tuesdays at 17.30 – 18.30 (5.30 – 6.30 pm), although we sometimes run a little earlier depending on what time the sun sets. We post our events on our Facebook-page so please check out the specific times for each event.

You should expect at mix of sprint-training in city-parks and normal orienteering in the few forested areas on Amager.

Around summer solstice our regular training event is replaced by a challenge which usually inludes cooperation between team-members. Here Flemming and Mette are taking turns placing controls and bringing them back to the starting point. (Photo: Ernst Poulsen)

You do not need to become a member to attend our training events. Just show up and we’ll help you out.

At most of our training events you can borrow a compass for free, and we’re always ready to help beginners with instructions.

At most events we offer 3 and 5 km courses. Training events are 20 kr. but are free for members.

You’ll find the next training event in the calender.

Follow AMOK on Facebook and Instagram

If you want to make sure, that you never miss one of our events, you should follow us on Facebook as you’ll get notifications automatically. We have both an open page and a closed group.

AMOK – Amager Orienterings Klub
(Open page: All training events are posted here, etc.)

AMOK – Amager Orienteringsklub
(Closed group: Here we share maps and reports from various trips. Here you can ask for a ride to events.)

Amager OK (Instagram)

Join the club

If you want to join the club you simply fill in this form and send us the fee through MobilePay or a bank transfer. Presently the yearly fee is 600 Dkr, with discounts for students and family members.

The first three months are free, and you simply pay for the remaining months of the first year.

From then on membership fees are paid once a year in January.

(Foto: Ernst Poulsen)
In 2019 and 2020 we organized a series of “AMOK Metr-O Events” which attracted 250 runners four Tuesdays in a row. We expect to continue this tradition. (Photo: Ernst Poulsen).

Competitions, tournaments and club tours

Once you decide to join AMOK – Amager Orienteringklub, you’ll receive username and password to www.o-service.dk, which is the site, where you sign up for almost all larger events in Denmark.

We have a strong tradition for participating in the official club-tournament (Divisionsturnering / COWI-league) in Denmark. Every year we participate in three large divisionmatches and as the tournament-structure rewards clubs which can muster both beginners and experienced runners in all age groups, we urge everyone to join us on these trips and help us climb the ranks.

One of the most important club traditions is the autumn-trip to “Høst Open” where we rent a handful of cottages and combine running with a three-day vacation on the beautiful island of Bornholm.

Another club-benefit is that for most events on Zealand, the club offers car-pooling. Ask our chairman Rolf Andersen for details.

Try orienteering on you own – now

If you would like to try orienteering on your own, you can simply download maps from the national “Find-vej-I”dk-site.

There are 10 – 15 areas on Amager and in central Copenhagen with fixed controls, where you can print the map from home and make your own event. You could in fact be out hunting controls in just five minutes.